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OpenShift Origin v1.2.0 released, along with the development drop of v1.3.0-alpha.1

We've cut the final v1.2.0 release and published it to the DockerHub -
see https://github.com/openshift/origin/releases/tag/v1.2.0 for the
release notes.  A few security issues were encountered that we
recommend upgrading.

Development towards OpenShift Origin 1.3 (which will be based on top
of Kube 1.3) is well underway.
contains all of the changes so far, including some exciting new
features like Jenkins Pipeline integration and the new `oc cluster up`

You may note that this release is tagged as an alpha - as Kubernetes
releases have gotten shorter there's a lot more churn during the
middle of the release, so we'd recommend some caution in upgrading.
This is no different than the v1.1.x stream, but we wanted to be more
clear when changes are in flux.

Stay tuned - 1.3 has a lot of exciting changes, and the next alpha.2
will include PetSets, init containers, and a ton of performance
improvements from upstream as well as a lot of the 1.3 targeted
features.  Be sure to check out the roadmap
https://ci.openshift.redhat.com/roadmap_overview.html to keep aware of
everything that is being worked on.

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