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Re: Possible integration of a new Python library (kubeshift) to the Github repo

I'm definitely going to use it!
Thanks for sharing.

Mateus Caruccio / Master of Puppets
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On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 10:18 AM, Charlie Drage <charlie charliedrage com> wrote:
Hey all,

I've developed and maintained a Python library for both Kubernetes and OpenShift. 

The contributors and I have been quite busy integrating new features as well as having 100% test coverage in regards to each contribution. Not only that, but we continue to create documentation as well as a website for the library: https://cdrage.github.io/kubeshift

The library communicates 100% through the HTTP API as well as generates appropriate configurations for communication between the two (using the Requests python library + proper ssl certs, etc.). Another feature is the integration of automatically retrieving API credentials (via a login function) in order to ease setup of communication between the two. More information can be found on the github repo!

I noticed that OpenShift has https://github.com/openshift/python-interface seems to no longer be used / developed on. After Google'ing as well as searching through GitHub I could not find any other efforts on creating a Python library for OpenShift.

Considering the "Kubeshift" is an extension of the efforts at  https://github.com/openshift/python-interface by implementing a Python library via the "requests" library. Would the OpenShift org consider merging efforts and having "kubeshift" integrated into the OpenShift repo as a first-class Python library for OpenShift / Kubernetes?

Of course, I will continue development of said library, but the more eyes on it (via the openshift repo) the more feedback we get as well as usage of OpenShift :)

Many thanks!

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