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Re: Possible integration of a new Python library (kubeshift) to the Github repo

Hey Charlie, very interesting.  Having a well maintained library would be very valuable for the community, so I'm in favor.  How important is the name to you if we made it more generic (for more search mojo)?  

Jason, Michal, any thoughts on this?  

On Oct 6, 2016, at 6:19 AM, Charlie Drage <charlie charliedrage com> wrote:

Hey all,

I've developed and maintained a Python library for both Kubernetes and OpenShift. 

The contributors and I have been quite busy integrating new features as well as having 100% test coverage in regards to each contribution. Not only that, but we continue to create documentation as well as a website for the library: https://cdrage.github.io/kubeshift

The library communicates 100% through the HTTP API as well as generates appropriate configurations for communication between the two (using the Requests python library + proper ssl certs, etc.). Another feature is the integration of automatically retrieving API credentials (via a login function) in order to ease setup of communication between the two. More information can be found on the github repo!

I noticed that OpenShift has https://github.com/openshift/python-interface seems to no longer be used / developed on. After Google'ing as well as searching through GitHub I could not find any other efforts on creating a Python library for OpenShift.

Considering the "Kubeshift" is an extension of the efforts at  https://github.com/openshift/python-interface by implementing a Python library via the "requests" library. Would the OpenShift org consider merging efforts and having "kubeshift" integrated into the OpenShift repo as a first-class Python library for OpenShift / Kubernetes?

Of course, I will continue development of said library, but the more eyes on it (via the openshift repo) the more feedback we get as well as usage of OpenShift :)

Many thanks!

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