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Re: Feedback needed: Automating Kubernetes / OpenShift integrations - i.e. building your own controllers


I did not play with it yet but did find the docs:

I wrote a few simple kubernetes/openshift controllers in bash and did not find
it too hard. There was quiet a bit of overhead though: watching in one
container, periodic resyncing in another (filtering on already processed
items), having to think about concurrency (locking). These parts could
most likely be removed with an observe command. So cheers for that!

Some things that come to mind are.

If the script/executable to be run were given environment variables that
correspond to the object being watched, e.g. for object 
'{"a": [{"b": 1, "c":2 }]}' it would set KUBE_OBSERVE__A__0__B=1 and
KUBE_OBSERVE__A__0__C=2. That way it's not necessary to use jq or go
templates (which imo are not easier and not as well documented).

What to do with scripts failure conditions. How to report these? How to
collect controller-specific metrics? This is an opportunity to integrate
this! Let `kube observe` provide commands like kube_observe_log and
kube_observe_metric accessible from the script to be run.

It should be able to filter on annotations easily (e.g. `handle_it=true`).

It should work with openshift objects ;).

Thanks for doing something to make extending kubernetes/openshift
 Tobias Florek

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