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OpenShift dedicated/container platform multi-tenancy


I believe openshift online(next gen) is multi-tenant but not enterprise ready.

OpenShift dedicated and Container platform I believe are enterprise ready (please correct if this is wrong) but all document says both are single-tenant. Could you please help explaining how multi-tenancy is achieved for these?? 

I understand that there could be project level separation but we want to keep almost all data separate for each tenant as well as a separate docker registry. So that it would be easy of identify resource usage for each. 

I have used container platform before but not sure about OpenShift dedicated, how user management is done, does Redhat provides only single user ?

Also I would like to understand how next gen is multi-tenant , does each customer gets separate OpenShift cluster or its just the different user? 

Looking for clarification on these points, also would be very helpful if you could share some  available docs explaining the same.


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