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Re: Install OpenShift Origin 3.9 failed on single node

You can try rerunning the install with -vv to get additional debug information.

What OS and version on Ansible are you using?

On Apr 10, 2018, at 3:24 AM, Yu Wei <yu2003w hotmail com> wrote:

I tried to install openshift origin 3.9 on a single machine and encountered problems as below,

TASK [openshift_node : Install Node package, sdn-ovs, conntrack packages] *********************************************************************
fatal: [host-10-1-241-74]: FAILED! => {"msg": "|failed expects a string or unicode"}
    to retry, use: --limit @/root/jared/openshift-ansible/playbooks/deploy_cluster.retry

PLAY RECAP ************************************************************************************************************************************
host-10-1-241-74           : ok=326  changed=41   unreachable=0    failed=1   
localhost                  : ok=13   changed=0    unreachable=0    failed=0   

INSTALLER STATUS ******************************************************************************************************************************
Initialization             : Complete (0:00:43)
Health Check               : Complete (0:00:05)
etcd Install               : Complete (0:00:58)
Master Install             : Complete (0:05:03)
Master Additional Install  : Complete (0:00:48)
Node Install               : In Progress (0:00:38)
    This phase can be restarted by running: playbooks/openshift-node/config.yml

Failure summary:

  1. Hosts:    host-10-1-241-74
     Play:     Configure containerized nodes
     Task:     Install Node package, sdn-ovs, conntrack packages
     Message:  |failed expects a string or unicode

I didn't find useful information in docker / journal logs.
How could I fix this problem further?


Jared, (韦煜)
Software developer
Interested in open source software, big data, Linux

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