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Re: Prometheus Operator

Forgot to reply-all (below) and a follow-up 

Follow-up question: what is the message telling me with return code 200:

go get -u -v -d k8s.io/code-generator/cmd/openapi-gen
Fetching https://k8s.io/code-generator/cmd/openapi-gen?go-get=1
Parsing meta tags from https://k8s.io/code-generator/cmd/openapi-gen?go-get=1 (status code 200)
get "k8s.io/code-generator/cmd/openapi-gen": found meta tag get.metaImport{Prefix:"k8s.io/code-generator", VCS:"git", RepoRoot:"https://github.com/kubernetes/code-generator"} at https://k8s.io/code-generator/cmd/openapi-gen?go-get=1
get "k8s.io/code-generator/cmd/openapi-gen": verifying non-authoritative meta tag
Fetching https://k8s.io/code-generator?go-get=1
Parsing meta tags from https://k8s.io/code-generator?go-get=1 (status code 200)
k8s.io/code-generator (download)
package k8s.io/code-generator/cmd/openapi-gen: cannot find package "k8s.io/code-generator/cmd/openapi-gen" in any of:
      /usr/lib/golang/src/k8s.io/code-generator/cmd/openapi-gen (from $GOROOT)
      /root/origin-3.11.0/go/src/k8s.io/code-generator/cmd/openapi-gen (from $GOPATH)

I've not had problems with go get like this.

´╗┐On 12/7/18, 10:55, "Neale Ferguson" <neale sinenomine net> wrote:

    Thanks, but same result. It wants to build openapi-gen as its source file is found and used a pre-req to operator:
      Considering target file `pkg/client/monitoring/v1/openapi_generated.go'.
        Pruning file `pkg/client/monitoring/v1/types.go'.
        Considering target file `/root/origin-3.11.0/go/bin/openapi-gen'.
         File `/root/origin-3.11.0/go/bin/openapi-gen' does not exist.
         Finished prerequisites of target file `/root/origin-3.11.0/go/bin/openapi-gen'.
        Must remake target `/root/origin-3.11.0/go/bin/openapi-gen'.
    On 12/7/18, 10:42, "Simon Pasquier" <spasquie redhat com> wrote:
        AFAIU you could run "make operator" if you just want the binary. "make
        build" also generates some code but it shouldn't be needed to build
        the operator.

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