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Re: Openshift and Power loss

On Jun 20, 2018, at 7:32 AM, Hetz Ben Hamo <hetz hetz biz> wrote:

With all redundant hardware these days, with UPS - power loss can happen.

I just got a power loss and upon powering on those machines, most of the services weren't working. Checking the pods shows almost all of them in error state. I deleted the pods and they were automatically recreated so most of the services were running, but the images inside this Openshift system wen't dead (redeployed my stuff gave an error that images cannot be pulled).

If you get “images cannot be pulled” it usually means those images don’t exist anymore.  If you try to docker pull those images, what happens?

I looked at the documents, both the commercial and the origin version, but there is nothing which talks about this issue, nor any script that will fix this issue after powering on this system.

Is there such a document or any script that fixes such an issue?

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