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Re: Stop docker processes created by "oc cluster up"

oc cluster down?

On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 12:58 PM, Charles Moulliard <cmoullia redhat com> wrote:

When we use "oc cluster up" command, then openshift is started as docker containers (origin, router, registry + console) that we could stop/start using command "docker stop|start origin"

The command "docker start origin" works very well as 7 docker ps are created to bootstrap the origin cluster
- k8s_registry_docker-registry-1-w7c5r_default_c265ed3e-30c8-11e8-8a68-080027b2fb11_3
- k8s_POD_docker-registry-1-w7c5r_default_c265ed3e-30c8-11e8-8a68-080027b2fb11_2
- k8s_router_router-1-dxzkh_default_c23e1d4d-30c8-11e8-8a68-080027b2fb11_3
- k8s_webconsole_webconsole-74df8f7c9-s6wxx_openshift-web-console_c11f9613-30c8-11e8-8a68-080027b2fb11_2
- k8s_POD_router-1-dxzkh_default_c23e1d4d-30c8-11e8-8a68-080027b2fb11_2
- k8s_POD_webconsole-74df8f7c9-s6wxx_openshift-web-console_c11f9613-30c8-11e8-8a68-080027b2fb11_2
- origin

But when we use "docker stop origin", only the "origin" process is stopped

Is there a trick to stop all the docker processes and not only "originĀ 



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