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Re: Is Docker enterprise version subscription required for Openshift 3.7

From the upstream Fabric list.

Technically, at runtime right now Docker 1.13 or later will work for pure Docker and/or Kubernetes.
The samples and example network rely on later versions of docker-compose which I believe require some features of Docker 17.06 and later (I think in the area of networks and volumes but don't recall explicitly and we definitely use docker exec commands in some of the samples which require 17.06).

With 1.3 and earlier, you should still be able to build with Docker 1.13, but with the current master we've moved to multistage builds which require 17.06 and later to build.

Hope this helps.

FWIW, I was able to use the Docker 1.13 version which ships with Redhat 7.x to build and run Redhat-based Fabric images.

-- G

On Wed, Oct 17, 2018 at 9:09 AM, Jeremy Eder <jeder redhat com> wrote:
Mark, do you know where the version requirement in the hyperledger docs comes from?

On Wed, Oct 17, 2018 at 7:50 AM Santosh Kumar30 <SK00546477 techmahindra com> wrote:



I am recently started exploring openshift. I am a Hyperledger blockcahin developer.

I am trying to create a blockchain network containing which will contain Hyperledger – peer, orderer, cli… and there images have been provided by Hyperledger.


As per the Hyperledger doc, these images only compatable with Docker version 17.06.2-ce or greater .



But as Openshift 3.7 release note: https://docs.openshift.com/container-platform/3.7/release_notes/ocp_3_7_release_notes.html#ocp-37-about-this-release


OpenShift Container Platform 3.7 is supported on RHEL 7.3, 7.4.2, 7.5, and Atomic Host 7.4.2 and newer with the latest packages from Extras, including Docker 1.12.


So my query here is if I need docker 17 or later version for this openshift 3.7, Whether I required Docker enterprise version subscription as on RHEL linux system, docker CE version will not work?



Thanks in advance.



Santosh Kumar


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-- Jeremy Eder

Mark Wagner
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