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Proposal: Deploy and switch to Discourse


I think the Common's use of Slack is not a good match for "support".  Requiring an invitation is also an impediment to quickly asking questions.  Further Slack is proprietary, and also any discussion there won't be easily found by Google.

On the other hand we have these mailing lists, which are fine but they're traditional mailing lists with all the tradeoffs there.

I propose we shut down the user@ and dev@ lists and deploy a Discourse instance, which is what the cool kids ;) are doing:

Discourse is IMO really nice because for people who want a mailing list it can act like that, but for people who both want a modern web UI and most importantly just want to drop in occasionally and not be committed to receiving a stream of email, it works a lot better.  Also importantly to me it's FOSS.

I would also personally lean towards not using Slack too but I see that as a separate discussion - it's real time, and that's a distinct thing from discourse.  If we get a lot of momentum in our Discourse though over Slack we can consider what to do later.

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