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Re: Proposal: Deploy and switch to Discourse

On Fri, Jul 12, 2019, at 10:19 AM, Neal Gompa wrote:

> Fedora didn't shut down its users@ list when it deployed
> discussions.fp.o. And adoption of Discourse in Fedora hasn't been very
> high outside of the Silverblue/CoreOS bubble.

Eh, but the traditional Fedora community has a pretty high level of, hmm..how to describe it...people likely to be "power email" users, the types of people who know how to set up email filtering, may even run their own email servers in 2019, etc.   That said  I think Discourse is "okay enough" for those people, even though it's more "web page" than "email list" (where as mailman 3 is more the other way around).

> I'm not opposed to the idea of having an additional channel for user
> support with Discourse on okd.io, though.

We already have too many channels, adding more isn't going to help.   The existing lists aren't high traffic, and my high level impression is the people posting here are going to be fine with Discourse.

The reason I mentioned commons Slack first is because it's the primary entrypoint, and I think Discourse is a better *primary* entrypoint.  

(And not responding directly to Neil here) - Let's please keep proposals for any changes to the *real time* stuff like Slack/IRC out of this discussion because I'd like to focus on a clear and "direct" goal (Discourse replacing mailman) - anything else scope creeps this a lot.

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