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Follow up on OKD 4

Thanks for everyone who provided feedback over the last few weeks.  There's been a lot of good feedback, including some things I'll try to capture here:

* More structured working groups would be good
* Better public roadmap
* Concrete schedule for OKD 4
* Concrete proposal for OKD 4

I've heard generally positive comments about the suggestions and philosophy in the last email, with a desire for more details around what the actual steps might look like, so I think it's safe to say that the idea of "continuously up to date Kubernetes distribution" resonated.  We'll continue to take feedback along this direction (private or public).

Since 4 was the kickoff for this discussion, and with the recent release of the Fedora CoreOS beta (https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fedora-coreos/getting-started/) figuring prominently in the discussions so far, I got some volunteers from that team to take point on setting up a working group (SIG?) around the initial level of integration and drafting a proposal.

Steve and Christian have both been working on Fedora CoreOS and graciously agreed to help drive the next steps on Fedora CoreOS and OKD potential integration into a proposal.  There's a rough level draft doc they plan to share - but for now I will turn this over to them and they'll help organize time / forum / process for kicking off this effort.  As that continues, we'll identify new SIGs to spawn off as necessary to cover other topics, including initial CI and release automation to deliver any necessary changes.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback, and stay tuned here for more!

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