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Re: [v4]: v4.1.4 is using internal registry, is this a bug?

On Jul 18, 2019, at 6:24 PM, Daniel Comnea <comnea dani gmail com> wrote:

On Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 10:08 PM Clayton Coleman <ccoleman redhat com> wrote:
We generally bump "latest" symlink once it's in the stable channel, which 4.1.6 is not in.  4.1.6 is still considered pre-release.
[DC]: i looked [1] and so i assumed is stable since is part of 4-stable section.

That page has nothing to do with officially going into stable channels.  If the cluster doesn’t show the update or “latest” doesn’t point to it it’s not stable yet.

For your first error message, which installer binary were you using?  Can you link to it directly?

Are you positive you were installing from that binary?  I just double checked locally and that listed a quay.io release image.

On Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 3:55 PM Daniel Comnea <comnea dani gmail com> wrote:

Trying a new fresh deployment by downloading a new secret together with the installer from try.openshift.com i end up in a failure state with bootstrap node caused by 

Manually trying from withing bootstrap node to check if it works .. i get same negative result

Switching to installer 4.1.0/ 4.1.3/ 4.1.6 with the same pull secret am able to get bootstrap node up with is MCO and the other pods up.

One interesting bit is that 4.1.4 points to a release image hosted internally
./openshift-install version
./openshift-install v4.1.4-201906271212-dirty
built from commit bf47826c077d16798c556b1bd143a5bbfac14271
release image registry.svc.ci.openshift.org/ocp/release sha256:a6c177eb007d20bb00bfd8f829e99bd40137167480112bd5ae1c25e40a4a163a

but 4.1.6 for example points to quay.io (as expected).
Is this a bug?

On a slightly different note, would be nice to update try.openshift.com to latest stable 4.1 release which is .6 and not .4.


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