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Re: Follow up on OKD 4

On 22 Jul 2019, 00:07 +0100, Gleidson Nascimento , wrote:
I'm with Daniel, I believe it is easier to attract help by using Slack instead of IRC. 

My experience over many years — especially with OCP3 — IRC with public logs smashes Slack. It’s not comparable. The proof is in the pudding. Compare the public IRC logs with the Slack channel. 

The way I see it is we should practice openness in everything. Slack is proprietary. Google does not index the logs. That’s a full stop for me. As a matter of fact, many others agree. Just search it. The most disappointing thing is for over two decades open IRC has been used with open mailing lists and open documentation with a new trend of using fancy (arguably not) things that own the data we produce and we have to pay them to index it for us and in the end it’s not publicly available — see a theme emerging?

So go ahead and have your Slack with three threads per week and we’ll see if your belief stays the same. The wide open searchable public IRC is the heavyweight champion that’s never let us down. As a matter of fact, being completely open helped build OCP3 and we all know how that worked out. 


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