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Re: OKD 4.x

The cluster bootstrap process uses ignition to ensure masters join the cluster, and there are a number of aspects of how upgrades of control plane nodes work that assume the ability to use ostree to update and pivot the nodes during boot to the correct content set.

I’m sure it’s possible to get a cluster working without a coreos-style OS (ignition, pivot, ostree), but it would lack the ability to update itself, so it wouldn’t really be a coherent whole.  The work in fcos is probably the place to start (we still have to spec out the details, which is on me) just because it works together with the cluster rather than being distinct.

On Jun 6, 2019, at 6:00 AM, Thode Jocelyn < .thode elca ch> wrote:

Hi Clayton,


Will there still be support for Centos 8 witjout the CoreOS spin ? Or will OKD/Openshift 4 only work with a CoreOS based system ?



Jocelyn Thode


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We’re currently working on how Fedora CoreOS will integrate into OKD.  There’s a fair chunk of work that needs to be done and FCoS has a broader mission than RHCoS does, so its a bit further behind (since OpenShift 4 / OKD 4 require an OS with ignition and ostree).  Stay tuned, I was going to write out a work plan for this and share it here.  There’s no current plan for a centos version, since there’s a lot of interest in FCoS for a newer kernel.


Until that happens, try.openshift.com makes it easy to get an evaluation of OCP4 for test and development even if you don’t have a subscription.



On Jun 6, 2019, at 6:04 AM, Alix ander <mysteriousmann hotmail com> wrote:

hey guys,


> OKD is upstream code base upon which Red Hat OpenShift Online and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform are built


[red hat openshift 4 is now available](https://blog.openshift.com/red-hat-openshift-4-is-now-available/)


Does any body know if  there is any plan for OKD 4.x ? I am unable to find any information regarding OKD especially for bare metal.

Here is a documentation for installing the container-platform on bare-metal which uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS(RHCOS) which presuppose red hat subscription. RHCOS will not be possible though to use on OKD - Is there something like CentOS for CoreOS ?



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