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Re: Elasticsearch - 5.x

On 3/21/19 4:10 PM, Neale Ferguson wrote:
Thanks anyway. I'll take a deeper look into what's happening inside the container when it's started.

I think I should add an infra node rather than tie up the master as the logging stuff looks a little heavy on resources.

Yes.  We use a minimum memory of 16GB for Elasticsearch 5 in OpenShift 3.11 - up from 8GB with 3.10/ES 2.x

I've had a couple of instances where when logging is brought up the api controller etc start timing out or liveness probes timeout. I can't really identify what causes the cascading of pod failures. I think creating a small ceph cluster might be useful as well rather than using the unsupported NFS.

CEPH block is known to work with Elasticsearch 5.


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