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Re: How to get this from the librbary?

On 05/07/2019 07:05 PM, Tony Herstell wrote:
I dont know Openshift too well but I am trying to get the details that would be returned from this command:

oc describe node -l app=sc-app
... (towards the bottom)...

Allocated resources:
(Total limits may be over 100 percent, i.e., overcommitted.)
CPU Requests CPU Limits Memory Requests Memory Limits
------------ ---------- --------------- -------------
804m (50%) 1600m (100%) 1557Mi (6%) 3160Mi (12%)

I take all the %ages for all the nodes and then average them for the whole instance.... thereby getting a "utilization"...
Averaging %ages is not all that useful. Think about what is actually being computed. A %age is a ratio of numbers. Averaging a set of ratios doesn't really explain much.

Please advise...

I then disregard any nodes that are not ready..

oc get node -l app=sc-app --no-headers

and this bit seems to be available as client.getServerReadyStatus();

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