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OKD/3.11 - Metrics playbook not creating the PV for NFS


OpenShift ansible tag: openshift-ansible-3.11.152-1
Ansible: 2.7.13

I’m trying to install metrics using NFS as the storage back-end and, although the NFS export and PVC is created, it’s not creating the underlying PV, preventing the hawular-cassandra pod from starting.

Incidentally, everything’s fine with an NFS-based registry. Its export gets created along with the PV and PVC.

I see a registry-volume PV but no metrics-volume.

This may be a red-herring but when I look at the playbooks I can see the registry variable being used (openshift_hosted_registry_storage_volume_size) but I cannot see the metrics variable being used anywhere (openshift_metrics_storage_volume_size)…

$ grep openshift_metrics_storage_volume_size `find . -name "*.yml"`
./roles/openshift_facts/defaults/main.yml:openshift_metrics_storage_volume_size: '10Gi'

In my inventory my registry variables (which work) look like this…

        openshift_hosted_registry_storage_kind: nfs
        openshift_hosted_registry_storage_access_modes: ['ReadWriteMany']
        openshift_hosted_registry_storage_nfs_directory: /nfs1
        openshift_hosted_registry_storage_nfs_options: '*(rw,root_squash)'
        openshift_hosted_registry_storage_volume_name: registry
        openshift_hosted_registry_storage_volume_size: 200Gi

…and the metrics variables look like this...

        openshift_metrics_install_metrics: yes
        openshift_metrics_storage_kind: nfs
        openshift_metrics_storage_access_modes: ['ReadWriteOnce']
        openshift_metrics_storage_nfs_directory: /exports
        openshift_metrics_storage_nfs_options: '*(rw,root_squash)'
        openshift_metrics_storage_volume_name: metrics
        openshift_metrics_storage_volume_size: 40Gi
        openshift_metrics_storage_labels: [{'storage': 'metrics'}]

Have I missed something for this to work?

If metrics is broken for NFS I’ll create an issue on the openshift-ansible repo.

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