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Docs/website feedback


so I started looking into Openshift and wanted to give some feedback about documentation on the website, as Matt Hicks
encouraged me when I spoke to him the other day:

* On https://openshift.redhat.com/community/wiki/getting-started-with-openshift-origin-livecd#boot_vm step 6) one can also click on the disk icon right to the "IDE Secondary" dropdown instead of removing the cd device and re-adding it

* Why does the download of the live CD require me to login/register?

* On https://openshift.redhat.com/app/opensource/download
one could just add the internal name in parentheses after each item to make it clearer what they are. Like

- server ("crankcase") ...
- Broker ("stickshift") ...

That should be a cheap change and still allows people to easily see what the
various parts in git are. I don't think renaming the components in git from crankcase to "server" is really necessary

* For the live-cd on OS/X (and probably also Windows) . It looks like the Android x86 emulator (which needs some intel haxm-driver)
seems to clash with the Vt-setting in Virtual box, thus 
( http://developer.android.com/tools/devices/emulator.html#accel-vm )
check for enabled driver: 
sh-3.2# kextstat | grep intel
111    0 0xffffff7f816ae000 0x12000    0x12000    com.intel.kext.intelhaxm (1) <7 5 4 3 1>

disable it:
# sh /System/Library/Extensions/intelhaxm.kext/Contents/Resources/uninstall.sh

After de-installing the HAX driver, the mac (probably) needs to be rebooted - at least I had to.


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