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Changes to the OpenShift CLI and upcoming deprecated commands

Beginning with version 1.0.4 of the RHC gem (now available), we've made a lot of new command line shortcuts and changes to optimize the experience for users.  As part of that change, we're also deprecating and scheduling the removal of the old RHC command prefixes (anything that is rhc-*) for the end of January.

New syntax!

  rhc app create <name> <cartridge>

    Every application needs both a name and a cartridge - we hope that this new format helps to simplify the process of creating new apps.  The namespace switch is optional if you have already run 'rhc setup'.  You can still use the old syntax by specifying -c and -a.

  rhc cartridge add <cartridge> -a <app_name>

    Slightly shortened the old syntax - other cartridge options are available here as well.  At some point in the future we're going to make '-a' optional, stay tuned

  rhc cartridge list

    Show all the cartridges available to embed

  rhc app git-clone <app_name>

    Git clone the application you've listed into a subdirectory of the same name

  rhc port-forward, rhc snapshot, rhc tail, rhc threaddump, and rhc alias
    All of these commands were previously nested under 'app' and are now available at the top level.

Will be removed at end of January:


  rhc app cartridge *  (=> rhc cartridge *)
  rhc app port-forward (=> rhc port-forward)
  rhc app snapshot *   (=> rhc snapshot *)
  rhc app tail         (=> rhc tail)
  rhc app threaddump   (=> rhc threaddump)
  rhc app alias        (=> rhc alias)

If you have any questions please raise them here - we're working hard to ensure that all the command syntax is clear, easy to use, and as simple as possible to type.  

Clayton Coleman

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