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Re: Origin Console / Crankcase

Responding inline, and cc'ing this to the dev list which is more focused on Origin.

----- Original Message -----
> Hi,
> Has anyone had any luck getting Crankcase / Origin Console up and
> running?
> I'm following the instructions at the following URL:
> https://github.com/openshift/origin-server/tree/master/console
> It seems to build okay, but "bundle exec rake test" throws a pile of
> exceptions and errors.

Are all of them failing, some of them failing, or just a few?  Generally bad things here mean that there's a missing config option - possibly it's not pointing to master.  Even a few examples of the failures would be helpful.

If you change to /root/origin-server/console/test/rails_app and run

  $ bundle exec rails c

and then from the rails console prompt run:

  > RestApi.info

you should the contents of the /broker/rest/api call printed out.  If you can't get to either of those steps, the output you see should be helpful.

> The code will run with "bundle exec rails s" and starts up WebBrick
> on
> port 3000.  Unfortunately, once it asks me for a username and
> password, I get what looks like an out of memory error.  Its running
> on a VM with 2GB RAM and 4GB Swap.
> I see the following error at the terminal:
> 2012-10-19 11:27:01.167 [INFO ] Completed 500 Internal Server Error
> in
> 516ms (pid:6582)
> 2012-10-19 11:27:01.183 [FATAL] ActionView::Template::Error
> (CALL_AND_RETRY_0: Allocation failed -
>  process out of memory
>   (in
>   /root/origin-server/console/app/assets/javascripts/console/form.js.coffee)):
> And, I get the following error response from the browser:
> fatal in Application_types#index
> Showing
> /root/origin-server/console/app/views/layouts/console/_javascripts.html.haml
> where line #1 raised:
> CALL_AND_RETRY_0: Allocation failed - process out of memory
>   (in
>   /root/origin-server/console/app/assets/javascripts/console/form.js.coffee)
> Extracted source (around line #1):

Running in development mode, Rails will try and compile those coffeescripts using whatever version of Javascript is on your system.  In the Rails console (same as above), run

  > ExecJS.runtime

It should output a Ruby class - can you print that back here.

> 1: = javascript_include_tag 'console'
> 2:
> 3: -#  Append your own using content_for :javascripts
> 4: = yield :javascripts
> Trace of template inclusion:
> /root/origin-server/console/app/views/layouts/console.html.haml
> Rails.root: /root/origin-server/console/test/rails_app

Hey Bryan,

> Thanks in advance,
> Bryan
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