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EAP6 clustering

Hi, I'm reposting a question I asked on the forum in case I might get a better response here.  The original post was a week ago with no response yet.


Although I mention TorqueBox in the question, as far as I understand it, my question is applicable to all EAP6 applications.

I am trying to understand the issues around using OpenShift to cluster a TorqueBox application. TorqueBox, a Red Hat product, is a Ruby (via JRuby) application server built on top of JBoss.

I was told by a TorqueBox dev that OpenShift supports clustering for scalable applications. That would be great and one of the significant benefits of using OpenShift versus other options. However, when I emailed to inquire about this, I was told that EAP6 cannot be clustered even in a scalable application.

I was asked to start this thread and told that clarification would be provided here. I am quite interested in any information anyone can provide about what is currently possible and/or planned with regard to JBoss clustering. My goal is to run a TorqueBox application on OpenShift and take advantage of clustering when the application scales.

Thanks for any information you can provide.


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