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OpenShift HA/Data Tier scaling Questions

On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 8:46 AM, Luke Meyer <lmeyer redhat com> wrote:

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> From: "Aaron Knister" <aaron knister gmail com>
> To: users lists openshift redhat com
> Sent: Sunday, December 8, 2013 10:26:21 PM
> Subject: OpenShift HA/Data Tier scaling Questions
> I'm excited to see that "HA features" are coming to OpenShift for the
> application tier. I have some questions about them that I can't find
> the answer to and I'm hoping someone here knows the answers:

When you say "OpenShift", which OpenShift project are you interested in using - Origin, Online, or Enterprise?

I'm currently using Origin, but this might change over time.

> 1. Is integration with external load balancers supported? e.g. BigIP
> F5

Yes - the hooks are there for manual implementation, and I believe someone's working on reference implementations including BigIP. Are you looking at using

> 2. Is there a plugin API for supporting external HA components? e.g.
> BigIP F5, LVS

Have a look at https://github.com/openshift/openshift-pep/blob/master/openshift-pep-005-available-web.md

I've read through this but couldn't find any documentation as far as APIs (or the SPI that exists now).  

> 3. What about HA for the database tier, is there support for database
> failover?  
That is something we're working on, but not ready for use yet.

I'm interested in helping with this, how can I get involved? Could you tell me more about the proposed architecture? Is there a PEP out there somewhere?

> For the data tier, I'm looking to do some serious scaling (150GB Solr
> Database). Are there plans to support different gear sizes for
> different tiers of the application? The web fronts for an
> application don't need 150GB of disk quota or 16GB of ram each. In
> my case they need far, far less than this. For example, I'd like to
> have an application that uses one size of gears for say the tomcat
> gears and a different size for the mongodb gears.
> Also, are there any plans for scaling of databases (i.e. adding read
> replicas)?

Setting different gear sizes within the same application is ready in Origin master, I believe - look for that capability to roll out shortly.

Fantastic. I'll be on the lookout.  

I doubt OpenShift is going to be a good place to locate large, scalable, HA databases for a while yet. For your project it would probably be best to handle the database separately and point to the external DB(s) with environment variable(s).  
I'm also looking at openstack trove, but as I understand it trove needs some engineering to handle nosql databases. I'm wondering if that engineering time would be better spent put into openshift. 



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