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Re: 回复: Openshift Orig i nManuallydeploy fail. Followoo_deploy_guide_comprehensive


If you're still having issues - quite a few people have asked me off-list and successfully got their openshift deployment working. I posted my ansible script to github here https://github.com/andrewklau/openshift-ansible

For your case, do the manual install from the comprehensive guide of the DNS server, MongoDB and AMQP (assuming you don't want the 3 server replica). You should be able to just remove the FreeIPA components and use the ones from the comphensive guide (eg. nsupdate and http auth) however if you follow the broker, node and common tasks (roles/broker/tasks/main.yml) you should be able to get a working version.



On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 9:01 PM, ┍ζυκε┙ <yuanzilu foxmail com> wrote:
I just fixed the mcollective error, the deployment-guide's server.cfg example has a little mistake. The path of facts.yaml is wrong.

The Node host still has SELinux context error.
The Broker host broker log(/var/log/openshift/broker/httpd/error_log) show something errors.
 1.connect to broker.example.com failed: getaddrinfo: Temporary failure in name resolution will retry(#xxx) in xx
 2.when I create a php application,  it occur errors.
     [pid=xxx thr=xxx file=utils.rb:176 time=xxx]: Exception NameError in Rack application object(undefined local variable or method 'error_code' for #<ApplicationsController:0x000XXXXXX>(process 6131, thread xxx)
    [pid=xxx thr=xxx file=ext/apach2/Hooks.cpp:834 time=xxx]: No data receive from the backend application(process 6131) within 5000ms


I just re-deployed the node and it still had SELinux context error.
So I re-deploy again.
At this time, I check the mcollective.log carefully.
When the ruby193-mcollective start at first time, I find two error.

E, [2013-12-16T17:18:59.827554 #10356] ERROR -- : pluginmanager.rb:171:in `rescue in loadclass' Fail
ed to load MCollective::Agent::Openshift: error loading openshift-origin-container-selinux: cannot l
oad such file -- openshift-origin-container-selinux
E, [2013-12-16T17:18:59.827652 #10356] ERROR -- : agents.rb:71:in `rescue in loadagent' Loading agen
t openshift failed: error loading openshift-origin-container-selinux: cannot load such file -- opens

D, [2013-12-16T17:18:59.836314 #10356] DEBUG -- : pluginmanager.rb:44:in `<<' Registering plugin age
nt_data with class MCollective::Data::Agent_data single_instance: false
D, [2013-12-16T17:18:59.836838 #10356] DEBUG -- : pluginmanager.rb:44:in `<<' Registering plugin fst
at_data with class MCollective::Data::Fstat_data single_instance: false

My selinux-policy version is 3.7.19.
I use ruby193-mcollective.
"oo-mco ping" can work.


+++ ┍ζυκε┙ [16/12/13 16:18 +0800]:
>I am deploying the node, and I need time to finish it.
>I think it can connect to ActiveMQ, here are some log messages.
>[2013-12-16T15:56:36.526150 #9892] DEBUG -- : pluginmanager.rb:167:in `loadclass' Loading Mcollec
>tive::Connector::Activemq from mcollective/connector/activemq.rb
>[2013-12-16T15:56:36.527879 #9892] DEBUG -- : pluginmanager.rb:44:in `<<' Registering plugin conn
>ector_plugin with class MCollective::Connector::Activemq single_instance: true
> [2013-12-16T15:56:36.537249 #9900] DEBUG -- : pluginmanager.rb:80:in `[]' Returning new plugin co
>nnector_plugin with class MCollective::Connector::Activemq
>[2013-12-16T15:56:36.537508 #9900] DEBUG -- : activemq.rb:171:in `block in connect' Adding broke
>.example.com:61613 to the connection pool
>[2013-12-16T15:56:36.577311 #9900] DEBUG -- : agents.rb:104:in `block in findagentfile' Found ope
>nshift at /opt/rh/ruby193/root/usr/libexec/mcollective/mcollective/agent/openshift.rb
>E, [2013-12-16T15:56:36.755698 #9900] ERROR -- : pluginmanager.rb:171:in `rescue in loadclass' Faile
>d to load MCollective::Agent::Openshift: error loading openshift-origin-frontend-apache-mod-rewrite:
> cannot load such file -- openshift-origin-frontend-apache-mod-rewrite
>--To solve this error, I install the package manually--

Yes, that error would cause the OpenShift Agent not to load and would
result in the Broker not being able to find nodes.  If you have fixed
that error I would expect 'oo-mco ping' to work on your Broker.

Another source of 'oo-mco ping' not working is clock skew on the
hosts.  Are they running ntp?  Does running 'date' on both systems
show their clocks to be in sync?

>D, [2013-12-16T15:56:36.767574 #9900] DEBUG -- : pluginmanager.rb:83:in `[]' Returning cached plugin
> connector_plugin with class MCollective::Connector::Activemq

>>>>>users mailing list
>>>>>users lists openshift redhat com

users mailing list
users lists openshift redhat com

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