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rhc tail hangs very quickly


I've recently fixed an issue that was bothering me a lot when
connecting to my OpenShift gear through SSH. If I left the session
idle for a little bit, the connection was hang. Is not the automatic
disconnection of the server: the connection is not properly closed,
and the terminal is completely unresponsive till I kill the ssh

I think I fixed it setting up ServerAliveInterval to 60. Now the
connection remains even if I'm not typing something, and if is closed
by the server, is done cleanly. However...

If I do "rhc tail" I think I still have the same problem. I'm trying
to watch a log file that is written only when I do some action that I
might do once in a while (say 1 to 5 minutes). If nothing is printed
during about 2 minutes, rhc seems to hang, and prints nothing
afterwards even if the files is "tailing" have new contents.

I have to interrupt the process and run "rhc tail" again, which
completely defeats the purpose, IMHO.

Since I don't see a ssh process running when I invoke "rhc tail", I
think that it might be that rhc doesn't use the ssh client, and as
such it doesn't use that configuration.

Do you have any advice? Should I resort to calling tail through ssh directly?

Thank you very much.

Alejandro Exojo Piqueras

ModpoW, S.L.
Technova LaSalle | Sant Joan de la Salle 42 | 08022 Barcelona | www.modpow.es

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