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Give us feedback on the upcoming RHC version

We've got a new version of RHC coming up soon that has some tweaks that we'd like to get feedback on.  If you're interested, you can download the file below and save it to disk:


Then run

  gem install rhc-1.3.2.pre_.gem

If you run 'rhc --version' you should see 'rhc 1.3.2.pre' indicating you're running this copy.

Summary of changes

'rhc help' 
 * has been reorganized to better display important commands
NEW 'rhc help options' 
 * lists all global command line options and describes the config

'rhc setup'
 * Will now accept commandline arguments correctly and will not prompt you for questions you have already passed as arguments
 * Will now only prompt you for your user if you haven't run rhc setup before
 * Will check to see if you are connecting to OpenShift securely - if you get a warning about the server not having a valid certificate it means you're using a proxy, or someone is trying to listen in to your connection (or if you're using OpenShift Origin or Enterprise, your admin didn't configure keys)
 * Will display the gear sizes available to you and the number of gears you have left
 * Supports the '--clean' option, which will bypass your configuration file and prompt you for everything again
 * More command line options are stored in the config after setup (ssl primarily).
 * Better help when you run 'rhc help setup'

NEW 'rhc account'
 * Displays information about your account, including gear sizes and gear counts

NEW 'rhc apps'
 * Displays a list of all your applications.  You don't have to run rhc domain show anymore

'rhc cartridge list'
 * Displays a summary of the cartridges available on OpenShift.
 * Pass '--verbose' or '-v' to see descriptions and more info.
 * Will not prompt you for a password

'rhc app create'
 * Pass multiple cartridges at the same time - 'rhc app create foo php-5.3 mysql'
 * You can shortcut names of cartridges as long as the cart is unique.  If you don't give enough of the name we'll prompt you.
 * Better help information when you run 'rhc help app create'

Other changes:
 * Some of the long commands should automatically give you a pager prompt to make it easier to use (rhc cartridge list)
 * If you REALLY, REALLY trust the security of your filesystem (don't), you can put "password=<...>" in your config and not have to enter your password on every command.  Note that this is not recommended for general security, but until we have a better password alternative we'll let you do it.

All feedback or any issues are welcome - there are enough minor changes in this update that we wanted to make sure folks got a chance to try it early.

Thanks, Clayton

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