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Re: Error executing puppet script

On 08/07/13 12:39 +0100, Jose G N Alban wrote:
  Hi all,
  I've trying to install OpenShift Origin in a Scientific Linux release 6.4
  with Puppet v2.6.18, however when trying to do:
  >> puppet-module install openshift/openshift_origin
  >> puppet apply --verbose configure_origin.pp
  I get the error:
  >> Syntax error at ')' at
  Here's the link for the file init.pp:
  Could someone please tell me what can be wrong? Is it something to do with
  this manifest file, or with my puppet/OS version?

It's the last parameter line containing a comma that Puppet 2.6 is rejecting.

This is a syntax that Puppet 2.7+ is okay with, but 2.6 will error on. In
supportability terms, Puppet 2.6 should be considered "unsupported", as that's
how upstream (Puppet Labs) views it. Even Puppet 2.7 is getting a bit long in
the tooth.



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