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Re: Replicated MongoDB configuration

I think the delimiter between replica set members is supposed to be a comma.


On 07/24/2013 04:50 PM, benno joy wrote:
Hi list,

I was setting up an OpenShift with mongo replicated cluster as the db backend. In the broker configuration we have the following entry.

but when i run oo-accept-broker -v i get 

FAIL: error logging into mongo db: ec2-23-20-164-148.compute-1.amazonaws.com:2700 -43-178.compute-1.amazonaws.com/admin --username admin, exit code: 1
INFO: checking services

I think the space delimiter after the port is not getting honoured, so it tries to to connect to  ec2-23-20-164-148.compute-1.amazonaws.com:2700 -43-178.compute-1.amazonaws.com

if anybody can help, it would be really helpful.


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