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IRC Highlighting on Freenode

Good Morning, 

        I brought this up with a few other Red Hatter's and they mentioned that this would be better suited for the public email list, so here we go. I wanted to see if we could implement the idea highlighting a specific term that users can use when they're looking for help in #openshift/#openshift-dev. Ultimately the idea would be that members of #openshift could set their IRC clients to highlight a specific term like "openshift-help", when a user wanted to ask a question or seek help all they would have to do is type "ping openshift-help <my question or issue>" into the channel and anyone who had their IRC client to highlight on said specific term would get a notification. By utilizing this simple method members can be quicker to respond to user issues thus providing a better user experience. Also the idea of an IRC bot was brought up which would be a great addition as well. So if you have any comments, concerns or better ideas, let's hear them.  

        ** One of the issues that was brought up was that if someone set their client to highlight on "openshift" and "help" they would get notified any time those words showed up in the channel. However if we use a unique one word term like "openshift-help" it would eliminate clients highlighting common terms thus reducing false positives.  

Nick Harvey, RHCE
Technical Account Manager
Red Hat, Inc.

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