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OpenShift Origin - Create Application: An error has occurred.

Hi, I'm just getting started with a VirtualBox vm installation of Openshift Origin. (Running Fedora 64-bit w/ bridged network adapter)

The VM starts up ok, and displays the access information. I can ssh to the VM, and access the root console.

I can access the broker web console - however, it takes about 30secs to load, and as soon as it does it displays the message: An error has occurred.

I needed to add the ip and the broker-xxxxe.openshift.local to my etc\hosts file in order to load the console.

What I think is that the communication between the broker and node is failing for some reason - but I can't tell what I need to fix, and am not finding any useful info in the log files.

I'm really keen to make this work so I can discuss the potential of PaaS with my colleagues, but this is making it quite frustrating. Any help gratefully received.

Cheers, Mark

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