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Re: Install and add a node

Hey Juanje--

On Nov 4, 2013, at 19:13, Juanje Ojeda Croissier <juanje ojeda gmail com> wrote:


I'm sorry if this is a known and silly question but I'm a bit lost.

I've created a broker with the oo-install and now I want to create a node to be used by the broker.
Should I use the oo-install in the node but removing the role broker? Should I run the oo-install in the broker telling it which IP is the one from my new node?
Is there another way?

When you set up the broker, did you do it as a localhost installation? If so, run the Add a Node routine straight on the new Node host and provide info about the existing broker instance plus the Node settings from there.

If you installed the broker from another system (like from your desktop system), then run the Add a Node routine from the same system. This will automatically pick up your broker info from the previous run. Add the new node to the configuration and then the installer will ask you to specify which node host instance you are adding (not as elegant as it could be; I'll work on that!).

Let us know how that works out for you.

I saw a way to do it in the guide, but since I was follow the current oo-install method I think I should keep following this way.

Any pointer to documentation, script or whatever will be much appreciate.

Thanks :-)


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