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Re: jbossews cartridge installation problem (failed dependencies)

+++ Marco Sarti [05/11/13 13:02 +0100]:
I apologize if this issue has already been discussed . I have the same problem described here :
Basically while I'm trying to install openshift -origin -cartridge- jbossews installation fails due to failed dependencies : tomcat6 and tomcat7 .
I would simply like to add tomcat support for my OpenShift Origin Instance.
Is there a workaround for this problem?

Are you running Fedora or RHEL?

For Fedora you might find the path of least resistance to be using one
of the Tomcat community cartridges (or modifying it to your needs).
You also might be able to get your application to run on the official
OpenShift Origin JBossAS cartridge.

If you are running Origin on RHEL and have a subscription to JBoss EWS
2.0 both tomcat6 and tomcat7 will be provided.  The tomcat6 package is
provided by base RHEL but I will be honest, it's not the one we run
most tests with since it's not the package used in the official JBoss
EWS build.

I might add that RHEL + JBoss EWS is included in the base OpenShift
Enterprise subscription (full disclosure: I work on the OSE team).


Thank you,

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