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Re: Install and add a node

On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 5:11 PM, Luke Meyer <lmeyer redhat com> wrote:
It would be nice to have some output there, eh?

Well, the only output I had was the error I put here before...
I didn't know where to look for more output, so thanks for the pointers :-)
You could try creating a gear with oo-create-app and running the command directly.

But one question first. What does "getenforce" return?

If SELinux is Disabled, I think you see an error like this because runcon doesn't work. If it's permissive|enforcing then that's not the issue.

This was the second installation with the oo-install. At the first I didn't have those errors, so I guessed it was because something in the oo-install was changed or adding a node wasn't working fine.
I've destoryed the instancies to have a fresh start, but when I've done with the installation I'll check what you jsut told me to see if the issue was the SELinux part or what.

Thanks again for the pointers.
I'll bring back more feedback from the fresh install :-)



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