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Re: Openshift Origin, Proxy errors on /console/application_types.

Check /var/log/openshift/broker/development.log and see if there are helpful error messages. Perhaps the connection to the DB or activemq isn't working. Or perhaps just as likely, mcollective is making a request for information from the nodes and not getting anything back (try out oo-accept-systems on the broker and follow the previous thread https://lists.openshift.redhat.com/openshift-archives/users/2013-November/msg00079.html).

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From: "Nathan" <lagern lafayette edu>
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Sent: Monday, November 18, 2013 11:35:23 AM
Subject: Re: Openshift Origin, Proxy errors on /console/application_types.

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This is very helpful!  I've done some troubleshooting.

First, the configs you pointed out all look sane.

If i curl -k, or
https://cloud.mydomain.com/broker/rest they both appear to work, or,
at least, they dont error.  They give me a web-server error, stating
that i havent authenticated, which I assume is normal.

However, if i try to hit, it sits forever
(i assume it will eventually time out, though it's been a long time).
Further along that line, if i take off /broker, it connects, but gives
an internal server error.

Whatever is supposed to serve /broker seems to be my problem.  This
gives me something to troubleshoot at least!  thanks!

On 11/18/2013 08:04 AM, Luke Meyer wrote:
> The main httpd should proxy back to an internal address for the
> console and broker. Look in
> /etc/httpd/conf.d/000002_openshift_origin_broker_proxy.conf for
> e.g. ProxyPass /console ProxyPass
> /broker
> That's what it *should* look like.
> The other main "proxy" point is from the console to the broker.
> Look in /etc/openshift/console{,-dev}.conf which should have
> something like: BROKER_URL=https://broker.example.com/broker/rest
> ... only it should be pointing to the name for your broker. Check
> that this address is correct, the host resolves in DNS, and is
> reachable from itself (curl -k https://...). Something in that
> chain is probably the issue. If the request gets hung up looking
> for something that can't be retrieved, the proxy request eventually
> times out and you get a 502.
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Nathan T. Lager"
> <lagern lafayette edu> To: users lists openshift redhat com Sent:
> Sunday, November 17, 2013 3:03:46 PM Subject: Openshift Origin,
> Proxy errors on /console/application_types.
> I just installed a new origin, using the puppet method.  It
> appeared to complete without error, but I'm having some troubles.
> First, /etc/openshift/htacces wasnt generated, i had to do that on
> my own.  Not a big deal.
> I created an admin user, and logged in, all appears well, however,
> if i try to do.. well, just about anything, i end up at a 502 proxy
> error after a very long time.
> I see the following in my browser:
> Proxy Error
> The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream
> server. The proxy server could not handle the request GET
> /console/application_types.
> Reason: Error reading from remote server
> And a bunch of these in my logs.
> ==> openshift/broker/httpd/error_log <== connect to
> cloud.mydomain.com failed: Connection refused - connect(2) will
> retry(#12) in 30.0 connect to cloud.mydomain.com failed: Connection
> refused - connect(2) will retry(#6673) in 30.0
> I cant figure out what its trying to connect to though.  Anyt
> insight here?
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