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Re: How do you scale your database cartridges?

Hi John,
very good article you are wrote. I read it 1 - 2 days after you publish it. My question was more general. What are the best practises, because i think that is a real issue in openshift. Because you can scale very easily your non-database cartridges ... php,python,ruby for example but as you know the real bottleneck is the database at all :)

Мариан Игнев

www: http://m.ignev.net/
twitter: @mignev

2013/11/6 John Hawley <jhawley redhat com>
On 11/06/2013 02:04 AM, Marian Ignev wrote:
Hi Guys :) i am wondering ... how do you scale your database cartridges?

I mean, make your custom cartridges that support master -> master or
master -> slave replication, and run many instances of them or scaling
logic is somewhere in your code .... or something else?

Thanks in advance :)

I've done some initial work on that front, there was a blog post recently on the topic:


Your app is going to need to support read/write splitting to really make use of it (I.E. we don't have a mysql-proxy cartridge to sit in front of this right now).  As always I highly don't recommend master-master replication unless you've done it before and really understand it (it's a lot messier and more complicated than people think).

If you need some help give me a poke on Freenode (I'm warthog9).

- John 'Warthog9' Hawley

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