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Openshift Origin, cant create apps based on quickstarts.

So, i just flattened my OO intall on CentOS 6.4, in favor of a new install on FC19.  What a difference this made in the install, much smoother.  I should have known.  ;) Anyway, It seems that I can now create applications based on standard gears, like, php, jenkins, things like that, but if i try to build anything based on a quickstart (i.e., anything found in /etc/openshift/quickstarts.json), I cant submit the new appliction form!  

I havent found any errors in any logs, yet, im still digging.  But it goes like this:

Click on the add application button from the applications tab logged in from the OO web interface. 
Select Wordpress (or drupal, or cake, or anything ive tried so far thats a quickstart)
Enter a name (cloud domain is already filled in). 
Change nothing else, click create application

sometimes, it balks at the name i chose.  This time i left the name at the default it auto-filled "php" and it hilighted it, but didnt actually tell me there was a problem with the name. So i changed it to something else, and now when i click create appliction, it simply does nothing.  No error, no action, to load time, just as if i had not clicked on the button. 

What could this be? 


Nathan Lager, RHCSA, RHCE, RHCVA (#110-011-426) 
System Administrator
11 Pardee Hall
Lafayette College, Easton, PA 18042

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