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oo-install problems


I tried to reply to the original "oo-install Demo" but no success. I found some caveats in the oo-install script in my Fedora 19 VM I followed in Harrison video. I created a user openshift with passwordless sudo permissions and everything was running fine with exception of:

* After some tries I noticed that oo-install requires you to manually install these packages, instead of installing to you:
  - puppet
  - bind
  - httpd
* As I'm running as a normal user, oo-install need the root password. But oo-install asked to type the root password every time it needs root privileges
* At last, as I had the same problem using only the puppet script, it seems that some packages failed to install because some Fedora mirrors return 404.

I still couldn't get a successful installation but these are the things I found so far. I'll keep trying install with oo-install then I'll reply back to the list.


Ricardo Martinelli de Oliveira

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