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Re: oo-install problems

Hi Ricardo--
Thank you for the feedback!

On Oct 22, 2013, at 15:49 , Ricardo Martinelli de Oliveira <rmartine redhat com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I tried to reply to the original "oo-install Demo" but no success. I found some caveats in the oo-install script in my Fedora 19 VM I followed in Harrison video. I created a user openshift with passwordless sudo permissions and everything was running fine with exception of:
> * After some tries I noticed that oo-install requires you to manually install these packages, instead of installing to you:
>   - puppet
>   - bind
>   - httpd

The installer tests for puppet and some other executables and tells you if they are missing. Knowing the yum package name associated with a given executable is harder, which is why oo-install doesn't suggest / install specific packages to solve the problem yet. I do want to improve the installer in this regard.

> * As I'm running as a normal user, oo-install need the root password. But oo-install asked to type the root password every time it needs root privileges

This is because it is using sudo to run commands. If you grant yourself passwordless sudo, you will not have to keep entering your password. Alternately you can run the installer as root.

> * At last, as I had the same problem using only the puppet script, it seems that some packages failed to install because some Fedora mirrors return 404.

There may be a way to make the puppet script more robust in this regard; I will ask Krishna about it.

> I still couldn't get a successful installation but these are the things I found so far. I'll keep trying install with oo-install then I'll reply back to the list.

Please do; field testing is really helpful. Thanks again!


> Regards,
> Ricardo Martinelli de Oliveira
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