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Re: oo-install (hopefully) basic problems

# command -v yum

On 10/24/2013 03:09 PM, Harrison Ripps wrote:
If you just run 'command -v yum' on that system, what is the output?

On Oct 24, 2013, at 15:59, Troy Dawson <tdawson redhat com> wrote:

I'm trying out oo-install on a Scientific Linux 6.4 machine.
I know it's not supported, but here is what I did to get the installer going.

  export OO_INSTALL_KEEP_ASSETS="true"
  sh <(curl -s http://oo-install.rhcloud.com/)
# Extract and edit lib/installer/host_instance.rb and add
            elsif type_output[:stdout].match(/^Scientific Linux/)
              type_result = :rhel
# to the appropriate place.  Then put that back in the zip file, and do
  sh <(curl -s http://oo-install.rhcloud.com/)

Anyway, when I get to the part where it checks my packages I get

Checking localhost:
* Target host is running Red Hat Enterprise Linux
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/erb.rb:719: command not found: command -v yum
* Could not locate yum... try to `yum install` one of:
  - yum-arch-2.2.2-9.el6.noarch
  - yum-3.2.29-40.el6.noarch
  - munin-node-2.0.17-6.el6.noarch

It goes on to fail for all of the packages, yet I have all of them installed.
I'm betting this is some ruby thing I have missing.
Any thoughts.

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