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oo-install requeriments

Hi everyone :-)

I'm new on the list and I'm not expert on RedHat/Fedora, but I've been trying really hard to setup a OpenShift in a VM without any success :-(

I'was wondering if I was missing the basic requeriments.
Is there any description of the distribution's versions, packages and so needed to run the oo-install?

So far I've tried with Fedora 18, Fedora 19, Centos 6.4.
I tried the Puppet method described at the blog[1], but it has some issues with links and versions. I fixed some but I couldn't make it work.

I've also tried with the oo-install gem[2] (which isn't at rubygems and you have to buid yourself, despite what the doc says), but nothing.

So I tried the example from the video which is the method that gives me closer. I did inside the VM:
[vagrant localhost]$ sudo su -
[root localhost]$ sh <(curl -s http://oo-install.rhcloud.com/)

I found that you need to have installed the packages "puppet bind httpd-tools" (apart the ruby, unzip and ssh ones that check the script) and after have those installed the script ran.
But Puppet finished without success.

I can provide you logs, but I guess it's better do it at the Github project, right?

One thing I discovered is that Fedora 19 (most o my tests were with that distro) has Ruby 2.0.0 and the script search for Ruby 1.8 or 1.9.2. And later for a fixed path /opt/rh/ruby193/ which I didn't have in any distro.

Actually, it seems that this path is fixed at some openshift-origin-server's components[3] so I guess this should be kind of requeriments, shouldn't it?

Anyhow, I'll keep digging.
Thanks for all the effort to make easy to install this complex but great piece of software :-)

[1] https://www.openshift.com/wiki/installing-openshift-origin-using-vagrant-and-puppet
[2] https://github.com/openshift/openshift-extras/tree/master/oo-install
[3] https://github.com/search?q=%2Fopt%2Frh%2Fruby193&source=cc&type=Code


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