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Re: deploying an application across multiple gear in OSE

On 10/30/2013 09:56 AM, Venkat Ambati wrote:
We have an application (LucidWorks Search) that we are trying to deploy across multiple gears in Openshift Enterprise, we are using the app name (like lws-solr.itos.redhat.com:80) for making each app talking to other but the actual application is picking the host IP like 10.x.x.x:80 and as you can see this is not working when the app tries to talk to a different app deployed in a separate gear. Is there a work around to this problem?

I've been chatting with Venkat a bit, and a member from OSE. The following documented has been suggested to Venkat:


He is going to give it a shot and see if this helps him out. If not or if he has any questions, I have asked him to reach out to this list for help.


Thank you

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