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Re: remote auth

+++ ysminnpu [03/09/13 11:56 +0800]:
To use the remote auth plugin, do I need to disable or remove the mongo auth plugin? If so, how can I manage the apps that were created by the user under mongo auth?

You will need to remove the mongo auth plugin's configuration file:


As long as the user names don't change nothing will need to change as
far as application ownership is concerned.  I would recommend trying
this out in a non-production environment first though.

The easiest of the remote-user configurations to get up and running is
the AuthUserFile example.  Once you have that working and understand
how the how your environment is affected you could proceed to a user
store that works in a clustered Broker environment (ldap, kerberos,


I did not try out yet. Just want to confirm at first.


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