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Issues all over with the comprehensive guide on an IAAS

Hi all,

First off I'm a new user. I'm following the comprehensive guide on an RHEL box using Rackspace for Infrastructure. (http://openshift.github.io/documentation/oo_deployment_guide_comprehensive.html)
I keep getting to the point where I have a node host up and running with a broker and try to access the console to start deploying apps; however, the site displays that there was an error. 
I have found a few issues in the guide and am wondering if anyone else has come across these? Have been hitting a dead end trying to solve them.
First issue is this command:

yum install -y ruby193

cat <<EOF > /etc/profile.d/scl193.sh
# Setup PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH and MANPATH for ruby-1.9
ruby19_dir=$(dirname `scl enable ruby193 "which ruby"`)
export PATH=$ruby19_dir:$PATH

ruby19_ld_libs=$(scl enable ruby193 "printenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH")
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ruby19_ld_libs:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

ruby19_manpath=$(scl enable ruby193 "printenv MANPATH")
export MANPATH=$ruby19_manpath:$MANPATH

cp -f /etc/profile.d/scl193.sh /etc/sysconfig/mcollective
chmod 0644 /etc/profile.d/scl193.sh /etc/sysconfig/mcollective
Setting the ruby19dir and ldlibs is basically a nil based on that install. Guide may be dated a bit?
So I do end up getting Ruby193, but then when I install mcollective I run across another issue. Mcollective installs ruby version 1.8.7 and sets my ruby executable (/usr/bin/ruby) to that. I have tried to fix this using a link - 
"ln –sf /usr/bin/ruby193 /usr/bin/ruby" which upgrades my ruby version to 1.9.3.

So I get to the point of bundling the broker plugins. Bundler does not come installed. So I do a:
"gem install bundler" and then try to bundle the plugin directory.. I find out I need poltergeist v 1.2.0; 
I do a "gem install poltergeist –v 1.2.0" and come to find that I do not have gcc or gcc-c++ libs installed. I do a yum install of these libraries and execute again:
"gem install bundler".. I find I need header directories (also not specified in the comprehensive guide). So I do a:
"yum install –y ruby193-ruby-devel" at which point poltergeist will finally install and I can finally bundle the plugin directory.
I go through and continue getting a node and console up and running. My only problem is by the end of this all I get a console up and running on HTTPD and tunnel through using my local machine. I find very vague errors on the page (no indication of what could cause them)

Anyone have similar experiences?

Thanks and BR


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