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Re: oo-admin-move fails with error getting fact

yes the error was in the node.conf  I’ve made a mistake and put the value of PUBLIC_IP to 192.168….

Not yet clear how to well configure the nodes whit NAT handled by virtual IP and one nic card

On 01 Dec 2014, at 16:17, Dan McPherson <dmcphers redhat com> wrote:

When you run oo-mco ping

Do the instances returned look the same as the value you are passing as -i below?

On 30/11/14 03:49, patrick wrote:
Hi, list

the admin move command fails:

 root::broker #  oo-admin-move --gear_uuid 544e26e98e8f5d42b900006d -i node33.****.be
Login: dev
App UUID: 544e26e98e8f5d42b900006d
Gear UUID: 544e26e98e8f5d42b900006d
Node execution failure (error getting fact).

oo-diagnostics does not throw any errors or warnings  I check in all log files but I cannot find any errors ;(

does somebody could give me a pointer ? how could I debug or trace the oo-admin-move command ?



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