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Re: Installing Openshift Origin on a RHEL 6.5 Server

On 12/02/2014 01:52 PM, Klaus Raizer wrote:
> Where I could find instructions on how to register my RHEL to the "Red
> Hat Network", which allegedly would solve the problem.

You need to esecute the following command:

subscription-manager register --username=<YOUR USERNAME> --auto-attach

For additional info you can read the RHEL 6 deployment guide. [%]

> Do I really need to register at RHN in order to install Openshift Origin
> on a RHEL single-machine?

I hope not to be wrong but the answer is yes because you need to install
some package dependency provided by red hat base channels.
During the installation you will be asked to provide the link for
external repository like the EPEL, jenkins, puppet etc...

> If yes, is there an alternative to it? For instance, would changing it
> to CentOS help in any way?

If you try to install on CentOS 6.x you will find the Base repository
configured by default.



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