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can't create php apps

Hey folks - I spun up an all-in-one openshift server this weekend via the puppet module. I’m able to create the jenkins app, python and ruby apps, but no luck with PHP-related things.

Digging through the logs, it looks like there’s an issue setting up pear. From /var/log/openshift/node/platform.log:

February 02 12:49:11 INFO Shell command '/sbin/runuser -s /bin/sh 52eeaf3df73b8aeaac000001 -c "exec /usr/bin/runcon 'unconfined_u:system_r:openshift_t:s0:c0,c1000' /bin/sh -c \"/var/lib/openshift/52eeaf3df73b8aeaac000001/php/bin/install --version 5.3\""' ran. rc=1 out=WARNING: running in safe mode requires that all files created be the same uid as the current script.  PHP reports this script is uid: 0, and current user is: root
Could not create "/var/lib/openshift/52eeaf3df73b8aeaac000001//.pearrc"

I’m trying to step through the commands by hand and came up with the same thing. Haven’t dug deeper to see if that’s selinux related, or what’s going on. Wanted to check in here first to see if folks had run into this before or had any thoughts?

I’m using php 5.3.3 coming from the Centos6 updates repo…

Maybe related or not: I’m unable to create the Drupal or WordPress quick start apps as well. For each, I’m unable to click on the “Create Application” button in console…


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