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Permission denied writing to a socket

I'm testing this out as a sysadmin for possible deployment at work, so I'm moving one of my simple PHP apps from my host to openshift. I'm using the PHP Steam Condenser for this application (checks some TF2 servers and returns and prints out their status).

I'm getting the following errors: [Thu Feb 06 12:53:29 2014] [error] [client] PHP Warning: socket_send(): unable to write to socket [1]: Operation not permitted in /var/lib/openshift/52f3c3644382ecae28000285/app-root/runtime/repo/php/steam-condenser-php-1.3.4/lib/Socket.php on line 163, referer: http://tf2-kalak.rhcloud.com/

Users are writing with sockets in other applications, and looking to receive info, but this is getting a message just writing to the socket itself. Am I missing something I need to set up for this? The code is a direct copy from a working RHEL 6 installation with PHP rpms. Judging by phpinfo() all the steam condenser requirements are met on the openshift instance I'm using.

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