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VM templates can't run with SELinux enabled

Hi guys,
happy new year to all of you :)

So i have the following situation. I have my own private PaaS. During the process of testing many times I break everything and reinstalling the PaaS after that. One day a great idea just hit me ... to make template of the virtual machine :) ... but of course the problems just came after the first try to restore from that template :)

After restoring from the template the VM didn't run ... after some time I realized that the problem is because of SELinux. Because when the hypervisor creates new machine or rebuild it, changes a lot of things that is protected by the SELinux.

For example all files in:
/etc/shadow (because of new root password)
/etc/hostname and many others.

So i have an option to run VM in recovery mode to stop SELinux for example (I realized that the problem was his).

When I am i recovery mode and try to view chaged files with ausearch but he told me that noting there, because the audit log is empty and i can't find what files are smeared.

Do you have amy ideas how can i handle this?

Thanks in advance :)

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