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OpenShift Broker and IPA

Hi list,

re: subj line, I am attempting to leverage an existing IPA (DNS server component for now, others pieces later) for use with my shiny new OSO 3.0 broker; naturally, I would prefer to maintain one DNS source if possible.  I found an excellent guide which is available out on the FreeIPA site.  For those tuned into the same bat channel, you can follow along here: http://www.freeipa.org/page/OpenShift_Broker_and_IPA_DNS_Server_with_Dynamic_Updates_with_GSS-TSIG

Anyway, I started to walk through and following along -- and almost immediately hit a snag because it appears that openshift-origin-dns-nsupdate isn't available.   I realize that this ISNT an IPA list, but have any of you tied your OSO into IPA of some form or another?  Curious how you did so.

Have a great week,

Michael J. McConachie

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